Dispelling the smoke and mirrors

Measuring the impact and value of every Clai-rité piece is to empower your right to know as a consumer. After all, knowledge is power, and transparency allows us to safeguard human rights while preventing further environmental destruction.

The 2021 Fashion Transparency Index 

Reported a 23% average score in transparency from 250 of the world’s biggest fashion brands, but many major fashion retailers still have much room for improvement in regards to supply chain and carbon footprint transparency.

It is a slow shift in the right direction, and Clai-rité is committed to upholding our own traceability standard that is based on our garments’ fabric, components, and production journey. 

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Made-to-order, Made For You

Be reassured that when you purchase a Clai-rité garment, you’re bringing home a timeless piece tailored with quality materials that’s meant to last you a lifetime. Started by having every Clai-rité piece made to order and produced in-house by our founder’s mother, we are now partnering with talented women makers who has the same vision as us!

The Clai-rité Cost

In our efforts to drive conscious, slow fashion forward, we want to create clothing that is as kind to your pockets as much they are kinder to the environment. Without the traditional wholesaler & distributor mark-ups and model in place, Clai-rité is able to produce artisanal yet accessible outfits while helping our customers break away from the buy and dispose cycle often associated with fast fashion. 

Here’s how we fare against traditional clothing manufacturers.