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Knowing how your clothes are made

Take a look at the outfit you’re currently wearing. Do you know where exactly the organic materials are sourced from, the conditions it was made under, or who were the hands that pieced it together?

Traceability answers all of these questions by identifying points of a garment’s lifecycle — information that conveys where, who, and how it is made. Traceability often goes hand in hand when discussing transparency in a supply chain context. Pushing global brands - from luxury couture houses to ready-to-wear retailers - to be upfront about their production journey hinders greenwashing gimmicks while confronting them about their social responsibility (such as paying workers a fair wage) and environmental obligations.

Honesty is our policy when it comes to every Clai-rité collection. We want you to know what we know, providing a traceability percentage for each of our garments and the breakdown of its production journey, from farm to wardrobe. 


Knowing the origins of your clothes is an integral part of conscious fashion. At Clai-rité, we strive for natural, plant-based fabrics that are masterfully tailored and stylishly comfortable. Our makers at both Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and Dongguan, China derive fabrics from Guangdong, China, while raw materials (like threads and zippers, that truly complete each magical piece!) are locally sourced from makers’ country of origin. This is our way of #SupportingLocal, by engaging & highlighting each country’s respective artisans, communities, and resources. 

Production Partner

Our production partners are a creative force to be reckoned with, an amazing women-owned enterprise located in Dongguan, China. Every outfit is made to order to ensure the quality of each garment while minimising wastage during cutting and sewing.

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From Farm to Wardrobe 

Each Clai-rité garment is fitted with a transparency tag with a breakdown of its fabric origins and plant-based percentage. You’ll be able to know every piece’s:

- Plant-based percentage
- Plastic-free status
- Raw material sources

The clarity on our tags lets you add any garment to your bag without compromising on ethical standards and values.