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We want to bring clarity to what has traditionally been an opaque industry. 

Location:  Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Makers for:  Nomu Nomu & Camille

We started last year from hand sewing masks. Fast forward to January this year, we switched and focused on creating womenswear. The main reason for the switch is because our business started by supporting local women communities who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. We want to create a sustainable business that will continue to provide them this opportunity while sustainably supporting our vision.

Our philosophy is to create pieces that will last. My mom (the maker) is a trained high fashion tailor; she stopped tailoring high fashion pieces 30 years back to focus on the family. Now, we are working together to bring her skills to the current time. We want to create pieces that will fit Asian women's body shapes with cutting, designs, and comfortably accentuating feminine lines as our main focuses. 

The Tailor's Mark

is the best indication that the garment you received from us is hand-tailored. Without the chalk, it indicates the garment is cut by a machine, which is often seen with fast fashion items. With fast fashion..that's a story for another time.

Before cutting and sewing, we'll trace the silhouette onto the fabric with the tailor's chalk. The best way to clean it is with clear water and use a brush to brush it away without soap. Not sure how to do it? Reach out to us we'll be happy to guide you.

"We believe if we have nothing to hide, there isn't any reason not to be transparent."