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Be Kinder to Earth

Sustainable fashion is often a grey area

and what is defined as being sustainable often varies between brands, designers and even consumers themselves. Clai-rité takes into account the environmental and social impacts of our clothing, ensuring that we are minimising any undesirable environmental effects as a by-product of our creation process. 

Plant-based Fabrics

Clai-rité’s clothing is currently produced with at least 30% plant-based fabrics, and we are striving towards a 100% plant-based collection in the near future. Our fabrics and raw materials are also locally-sourced to not just reduce our carbon footprint while strengthening and supporting the community economy. 

Sustainable Shipping Packaging

We use a reusable, recyclable and compostable mailer that not only keeps your gorgeous new Clai-rité haul safe and secure, but is also much kinder for our planet. While it is relatively more expensive that the commonly used plastic poly mailer, we believe that the environment shouldn’t suffer because of our fashion consumption habits. Our packaging partner also plants a tree each time we order from them!