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Stylish pieces that are kinder to the environment.

Sustainable fashion is often a grey area, and what is defined as being sustainable often varies between brands, designers and even consumers themselves. Just like our namesake, Clai-rité (pronounced Clarity) - we want to bring clarity to what has traditionally been an opaque industry. By disclosing the true costs behind how our garments are made, we want to offer you (our shoppers!) a no-holds barred look into the love and labour required to craft each piece, and providing you with an opportunity to exercise your right to make educated purchase decisions that’s better for your lifestyle and for the Earth.

Clai-rité takes into account the environmental and social aspects of our clothing, ensuring that we are minimising any undesirable environmental effects as a by-product of our creation process while producing luxurious, affordable apparel for all. With timeless designs made to last, we want to build a meaningful capsule wardrobe with and for you that is also kinder to the environment by valuing traceability, transparency and sustainability. We hope that Clai-rité’s ethos enables you to shop smarter and consume less, for a sustainable fashion future.