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Cherié Collection

“Chérie means darling, we want you to have your darling moment, to cherish yourself.

Sometimes we are so focused on the day-to-day that we forgot to slow it down and take care of ourselves. Brush your hair, iron your clothes, or even make your bed in the morning. 

We want to remind you that you deserve the little treats and enjoy the simple moments in life!

Enjoy the Chérie collection, beautifully curated jewelry to go with your daily essentials. You can even wear them as a bracelet or with your glasses.


Silver Drops

Looks good on those with neutral and cool skin tone. 

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Golden Drops

Suitable for those with sun-kissed complexion, and warm skin tones.

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Freshwater Pearls

If Korean minimalist style is your daily go-to, choose this freshwater pearls with a light gold chain! The pearls have very subtle purple hue on them.

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Gun Metal

Gun Mental is a smooth and unique lightly curved plates snake chain that is full of details! If you prefer simple and sophisticated style, love all things black, go for Gun Metal.

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